Benjiman NP 2

also fits
Remington Genesis
Remington Legacy
with the plastic triggers

Notice regarding the Benjamin Trail  models.

There has been a change in some of the BenjaminTrail model triggers.

Before you order the GRT-III for the Benji Trail models READ THIS.


NP stands for Nitrogen Piston
NPSS stands for Nitrogen Piston Short Stroke

 CBR Trigger is fully assembled with the parts below, adjusted and ready to drop in.


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by Charlie

Crosman-Remington NPSS Triggers

The CBR Trigger is a true 2 stage adjustment trigger that when installed with the accompanying  reduces the trigger travel in both the first and second stage and reduces the trigger pull form 4-5 lbs down to about 1 lb 8 oz.

 The CBR Trigger blade is a space age Polymer composite trigger with a hardened steel reinforced pivot point to eliminate any concerns regarding wear. (The trigger is not plastic). The trigger blade also has a serrated finger pad for better trigger pull control.

The CBR Trigger is a two adjustment trigger. One adjusts the primary trigger pull length and the other adjusts the second stage sear let off point. The trigger pull weight is not adjustable but a replacement spring is included in the trigger kit to lighten the pull weight if so desired.

All triggers are pre-adjusted prior to shipping so they will be a true drop in trigger although they can be adjusted to the preference of customer. Keep in mind that because of being mass produced, the tolerances of triggers vary from gun to gun and minute adjustments may be required once it is installed.

Installation of the CBR Trigger is straight forward, very simple and takes just minutes to install and requires no special tools or experience. If you can turn a Philips screwdriver handle, you can install the CBR Trigger blade. Yes, itís that simple.

You can review the CBR installation guide and the Installation Video Here.

The CBR Trigger is designed to fit the following guns.

  • Crosman NPSS ELS 177

  • Crosman NPSS ELS 122

  • Crosman NPSS ELS 177 DC

  • Crosman NPSS ELS 122 DC
    Crosman TR77 NP

  • Some Benji Trail Models (see below)

  • Remington NP2

  • Remington NPSS

  • Remington R1K77PG (springer) 

  • Remington Genesis (springer) w/late style trigger 

  • Remington Legacy (springer) w/late style trigger


The Benjamin Trail uses either the GRT-III or the CBR. Before you order a GRT-III for the Benji Trail models READ THIS.


NOTICE:.. The GRT-III may not properly adjust in some Benjamin Trail NP XL guns


NOTE: ** Benjaman Trail NP-XL and Crosman Titan GP additional trigger info.... Read This

Also see the mod/fix info for the above application.. READ THIS

GRT-III  GRT-4G    CBR??? If in doubt about which trigger you need to order, click HERE and compare your trigger to the pics to be sure.

To see the complete installation video play list by Bert Wolf (Brutuz62) for the GRT-III and GRT-4G  triggers, Click Here.

Keep in mind that the installation videos are only supplemental to the written instructions and not take the place of the written instructions.

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