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For those interested in purchasing a modded QB-78 in any of the models including the new QB-78D, I suggest that you get in touch with Mike in Iowa. In my opinion, there just isn?t anybody out there that does a better job on these than Mike. And? his pricing is more that fair. You get your monies worth and then some.

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The QB-78 Tune-up Parts Kit is now available

The cost of the parts kit is $11.00 per kit

(includes shipping)

Tune by Charlie or Tune by CO2unes


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The QB-78 .177/.22 parts kit consist of:

  • 4- barrel o-rings (one extra in case you damage one)
  • 1-valve o ring
  • 1 cap o-ring
  • 1-breech seal (standard inner diameter)
  • 1-breech seal (oversized diameter)
  • 2- bolt probe o-rings
  • 1-1/4 inch #10x32 Allen set screw for barrel
  • 1-1/4 inch Allen set screw for the bolt handle
  • 1- trigger spring
  • 1 3/32 hardened Allen wrench
There is one each bolt probe o-ring for .177 and .22.

It also includes a Quik-Tune summary. The complete Quik-Tune guide can be downloaded here. Also, the two tune-ups at the top of this page, though very extensive, are applicable.

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