There is a copy of my obsolete GTX-II / GTX-III being sold out there

NOTE FOR GAMO OWNERS: If you have a late model Gamo with a plastic trigger and safety, the GRT-III trigger will not work. If in doubt, check it with a magnet. If it is plastic do not order the GRT-III.

Testimonials GRT-III Trigger

With every trigger that is shipped out, I also send an e-mail confirmation. In the confirmation is a comment request as seen below.

"If its not asking too much, I would appreciate you sending me your comments after you install your new GRT- trigger(s)".

Most of the testimonials posted are the results of those comments.

I receive e-mails every day (99.9% of them positive) regarding the GRT-III trigger and I every so often I randomly add a few to this page. If you do not see your comments posted, please do not be offended as it would be impossible for me to add them all.

I will just occasionally add random new testimonials to the top and at the same time, remove some from the bottom and let the testimonials speak for themselves. Thanks you everyone.

Bob aka: CDT

From: Chandler H
Sent: Monday, April 27, 2015 7:15 PM
Subject: GRT-III Trigger

        I just received my new trigger in the mail this evening, so I
installed it in my Benjamin Prowler as soon as I got home.  Within 10
minutes, the rifle was reassembled with the GRT-III in it.  I immediately
set a box out at 20 yards, loaded a pellet, and as I laid my finger on the
trigger like I normally do while lining up my shot, the rifle fired!  I was
amazed at how light the trigger was!  After I knew where to expect the
trigger to break, I fired another 7 shots which produced two distinct
groups.  The first four shots landed in a group measuring just .30 inches
center to center.  After that, the wind picked up and was blowing about 2-3
mph for the next three shots, which produced a group measuring .23 inches.
Both groups were covered up by a penny with room to spare!  Bear in mind
that I was resting the gun on a door frame, and I could hardly hold the
crosshairs from drifting less than an inch, so I probably could have done
better if I had been shooting off some bags. 
        Prior to ordering this trigger, I had tried the popular bearing fix,
but I found it too unsafe and inaccurate to keep on the gun.  The safety
acted oddly with the bearing installed: I could pull the trigger back, but
it wouldn't fire; the trigger just swung loosely until I flipped the safety
off which made it go off.  As for accuracy, a 7 shot group I shot just a
couple days ago with the bearing fix in almost identical conditions as today
only produced a group of 1 inch: only marginally better than the stock
        In all, I would like to thank you for selling such a great product
for such a low price.  After feeling how much better of a trigger this is, I
can hardly believe that something of this quality is being sold for such an
unbelievable price!  Again, thank you for selling such an amazing trigger
that must rank among the best $33 I have ever spent (besides pellets, of

From: James H
Sent: Saturday, June 13, 2015 7:08 PM
Subject: GRTIII

Just wanted to let you know I got the trigger, and love it. I have just got into the pellet guns, I have two spring guns and just got my first gas piston, and trigger is the problem with them all, I put your trigger on my trail NP 22, now its just a matter of finding the right pellet. Thank You very much. James Houston.

From: Daniel B
Sent: Friday, June 12, 2015 8:22 PM
To: CDT 
Subject: Re: Daniel B

Thank you for the speedy delivery and a great product. This is like night and day compared to my original trigger. My father just purchased a Benjamin Prowler, he shot my rifle tonight and fell in love with the trigger you provided. I cannot determine which trigger would work for his gun. Do you offer a trigger for the Bejamin Prowler nitro piston?
Thanks again for such a great item. 

From: Brian M
Sent: Friday, June 19, 2015 12:55 PM
Subject: New Trigger

Got my trigger in this morning and must say it is awesome.

There are enough comments on your site so I will add a short one:

"If you are concerned about the price, just buy it, take your first 10 shots and I know you will never, never think about the price again.  It is costing you not to have this great produce and in reality for all the time and money spent on this hobby this is a price for a steak dinner.  It is what everyone says it is.?"

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