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These files are distributed freely to all of the airgunning community. Some files are in .zip format, just download and double click the file to open. All of this information is available for you as a download. Just pick and choose what you need and apply those that fit your needs. It costs you nothing more than your time, and they are just a click away.

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About Advertised Velocities

Tuning..what tools do I need

Airgun Calculation Converter

Introduction to Adult Airgunning

Airgun Definitions

Inaccurate springer's

Airgun Shooting Positions

B1, B2, KL3B Trigger Mods

Airgun Sighting Systems

Minute of Angle

Airgun, what gun to buy and why

Gamo CFX rotary breech seal repair

B-4-2 Scope rails

Moly 60 Paste

Barrel Muzzle

B3 B-4-2  Replacement Spring

Optically centering a scope

B-19/Gamo/Crosman Decocking mod Gamo (clones)

Glide and Roller

Caring  for your B-21/B30

Pellet Sizing

Caring for your B19

Pellet Testing in Spring Airguns

Some B-19 and  Gamo fixes

 Airgun Maintenance

Caring for your B-20/B-26

Safety mod for Underlevers and Sidecockers

Caring for your B-4 and KL-B3

Scope Correction

Charlie's Barrel Tool

Scope Definitions

Charlie's  spring compressor

Scope Shim Guide

Compasseco Seal info

Scope zeroing target

Co2  bulk filling

  All about lubricants

Cleaning The Bore

Seal Alternatives

Dieseling vs Detonation

Seal Fabrication

Excel Chrony Data Processor

Shooting from the bench

Fast Deer Tune up

Shooting Springer's Accurately

Fast deer trigger mod

Balk Firing

Sighting in Adjustment

Fitting and Mounting Scopes

Spring Compressor (Simple)

Fixing a misaligned barrel

Trigger to Target

Hold sensitivity


Installing scope on B4-2

The Effect of Scope Cant

Handlapping Tutorial

What pellet should I use?

Springer Airgun Lubing

Firelapping Tutorial

Hand Lapping

Dutch Article

There is much more information available on the GTA Library that is provided free to both members and non-members alike. Please feel free to take advantage of the "Library" and to also become a member. It's all free.

Tuneup Guides

KL-B3 Fast Deer.

Tuning this little gun is a fun project not requiring a lot of know how or experience. A great father and son or husband and wife or family project. A great place to start learning what make a springer work. The Fast Deer is not complicated but as with any disassembly, watch how it comes apart, especially small parts. Don't lose parts because they are hard to replace. Download file here KL-B3 Fast Deer Tune-up


Another good starter in the DYI category for tuning. A little more power and a little heavier construction, the B-4-2 is a good light hunter plinker when tuned. It is an underlever cocker that is another "get some experience" gun for someone starting out in air guns. It has it's own little quirks and kinks, but that's learning. Download file here B-4-2 Tune-up


The B-18/19 is a roughly constructed gun internally when manufactured. Although a fairly good gun out of the box, it can be made into a great gun. Tuning the B18/19 can make this gun an excellent shooter if done properly. The time that it takes is a great investment in making this an inexpensive into an all around plinking and/or hunting gun, with power and smoothness whether in the .177 or the .22 caliber.

For the Do-it-yourself persons, it is an excellent gun to tune providing you have the proper tools, mechanical ability, and equipment, and dedicate the time and care needed. This tuneup guide provides all of the information needed to do a good job and make your gun into a personal prized possession. Just download the file and get to work. Download file here B19 Super-Tune

So you can't hit the target there's something wrong with my gun. I doubt it. It will more that likely be something wrong with the shooter, the sighting system or the pellets. Here you can find the information for setting up scopes, the whys; the do's and the don'ts and how to shoot using the proper shooting techniques, and pellet information, and how they relate to accuracy.

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