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CBR TRIGGERS FOR THE CROSMAN NPSS and REMINGTON NPSS, and Benjamin NP 2 also fits Remington Genesis Remington Legacy springer's with the plastic triggers

I receive e-mails every day (99.9% of them positive) regarding my trigger and I every so often I randomly add a few to this page. If you do not see your comments posted, please do not be offended as it would be impossible for me to add them all.

I will just occasionally add random new testimonials to the top and at the same time, remove some from the bottom and let the testimonials speak for themselves. Thanks you everyone.

Bob aka: CDT


From: Ron m
Sent: Sunday, August 09, 2015 4:47 AM
Subject: RE: second request re; payment method

Hello Cathy and crew,

At last I got my trigger. I went straight away to install it.  I had all the
tools ready because I've had the air rifle apart before.  I had U-Tube on my
pc and went step by step.  My first instillation seemed to go well. When I
first cocked the barrel the trigger and sear held fine. On my second cocking
"I assumed the trigger would hold".  It did not. The second cocking caught
me by surprise.  The barrel fully released and just messing my face, hit the
trapezius muscle that runs from my right shoulder to my neck. IF I had been
a skinny assed person I might have been hurt. I wasn't  hurt so I set out to
find out what the Sam hill went wrong.
   I pride myself for being a garage shop gunsmith (non-professional).  I
made a decision to fix that new trigger and not wait a week or so getting
you do what I figured I could do.  I set out to find the cause of the
failure to lockup. Everything pointed to the sear not folly engaging.
    At this point I have the air rifle apart 3 times.  AS it turns out the
trigger you sent didn't fit so good.  I needed to remove material from the
top front of your trigger.  The transfer bar just above the trigger would
not let the transfer bar drop down enough for the upper sear wouldn't inage
enough to hold the pressure of the cocked barrel.  After 3 hours of filling,
measuring, and fitting the rifle ==>Putting it together another 3-4 times I
had removed enough metal from the trigger so now it works.
    I figured it took me 3hours and that's a modest guess for the time I put
into installing your trigger. I have the top of the line Gamo whisper fusion
.177 cal. It States a 1300fps with light pellets an it does that.  Mine too
has an adjustable cheek rest, a 3-9 X 40 scope.  The way it is now is
perfect. Thanks for designing and making your trigger. I just gave you my
report on how things went for your benefit only. My fixing and making it
worked shown well on me. I am proud I still have it. (the garage work shop &
gun smithing) paid for the fun - I still got what I had in younger years,
so the 3+ hours I spent has paid for it's self by my enjoyment in analyzing,
plan on a solution and follow through to see it work is my reward.
   I know you wanted a feedback on your produce so I thought I would be
honest as nicely as I can,  give my story of what happened.a I'm hitting
dime sized targets at 25 yrds. and I got rid of that P.O.S.. trigger Gamo is
trying to sell.a

You have a good produce.  Making one trigger that fits all types , may not
be practical. You might look into variants with respect to the yearly
changes by Game

I love the trigger you made for me
Highest Respects
A happy customer
Ronald M

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