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Paul Stewart
Sent: Tuesday   Nov. 25,  2008  6:35 pm
Subject: Paul Stewart

 Thanks Charlie,

In regards to the Gamo Shadow 1000 rifle I sent you, I received it back today. Am I pleased' Not only am I pleased, I am very surprised. The turn around was the best customer service I have ever received on anything. I shipped it to you on a Thursday afternoon and had it back on a Tuesday morning.

You took this average springer from a weak pow to an amazing WOW. Is this even the same gun I sent you''''

The trigger, power, consistency, and accuracy of the rifle is just what I was looking for. You have saved me over 500.00 by not having to buy one of those European or German guns. I was wanting accuracy; I can hit dimes all day now at 20 yards. There is no more twang of the spring and the recoil is just a solid and firm nudge now. It doesn't want to jump out of my hands or kick the scope completely off the rail anymore.

Who ever said you were a good gunsmith lied to me. You are a magician. You make me want to buy a .22 cal and send it directly to you. I spoke to a salesman at pyramydair.com today and told them that they need to recommend sending any and all Gamo rifles ordered from them directly to for your service first.

Honestly, I can't say enough about what you did so I guess the best thing I can say is thank you Charlie. You are an amazing craftsman.

You're Friend,



E-Mail from:  Gregory S..
Monday, 1/31/2008  5:39 pm

Subject: Woohoo

Woohoo!!!  Awesome awesome product Bob!

I purchased a Crosman G1 Extreme on clearance at Walmart last week on a whim but was so dissatisfied with the trigger I was ready to return it.  I'm used to target triggers like my FWB 300 and Daisy 777 have and a mile of heavy mushy travel didn't cut it.  You've transformed this cheapo rifle into a tack driver that's a pleasure to shoot.  Beautiful workmanship with two day delivery (one really) and top shelf performance...'nuff said!

 Thank you SIr!

Greg in Asheville, NC


E-Mail from:  David H..
Monday, 1/28/2008  8:31 pm

Subject: Turbo tuned Quest 800X


   I received my rifle back from you last week, but due to weather and work constraints, couldn't really try it out until the afternoon. I can't begin to describe how pleased I am with your craftsmanship. You have taken what I would have called just another' pellet gun", and made an "air rifle " out of it. The trigger is light and crisp, allowing me to hold on target and shrink those groups. The rifle cocks smoothly and there is no more spring twang. recoil is lighter and the release of the trigger no longer affects my hold on target as it did before.

  I must also praise your customer service, as it is first cabin all the way. You kept me informed of progress, and let me know when it shipped and the tracking number. First class craftsmanship, first class service, my next air rifle will be drop shipping to you directly from the retailer. I don't even want to see it until you've worked on it.

Best regards

David H.


E-Mail from Dan S.
Sent:  Mon. 11/07/2007  10:48 pm

Good Evening Bob,

You are the man, my Gamo 220 shoots better than most high priced rifles I own or have shot.  It's even fun to shoot.  I'm sorry it took so long to let you know how the tune-up went but I've been away and didn't have a chance to get any pellets through it.  I've now fired about 650+ JSB Yellow Match Diabolo's (8.02 gr.) and the gun is much more accurate and consistent than I could have hoped for.  I've spread the word to fellow shooters and I believe it should result in some more business for you.  I've got two more Gamo's and once I have the funds they will get the TurboTune as well.

Thanks again and I'll be in touch, try to get some time to yourself this weekend....;)

Take care,


Big Cat ' GRT-III Review by Mike Overly
Published: 12/27/07


Posted 12/21/2007 6:06 PM (#41515 - in reply to #41247)
Subject: Re: turbo tune from cdt

I recently had CDT turbo tune my RWS 46. Best money I ever spent!! Not sure if he is buried in work or not but he had mine less than a week. Be sure to save the original packaging when you buy your air rifle to ship it in. I, also, added extra protection.

 Gary In COLD Montana


E-Mail from:  Matt H.
Saturday, May 19, 2007  4:37 pm


 I received my gun today, and if Gamo had a clue they would incorporate your trigger and what ever you do to the inside of the gun into all there rifles and charge a bit more. I have only taken 2 shots out the back door of my office but the cocking is so smooth, the trigger pull is amazing and the vibrations is nothing I can even notice. The gun feels so different all the mechanisms are solid feeling and tight. The gun didn't even feel like that out of the box. I look forward to spending more time with my new gun. When I decide to purchase another gun I will be sending it your way to take out the factory defects. Well worth the price of admission.

Thanks again,

Matt H.


Posted 12/18/2007 5:39 PM (#41247)
Subject: turbo tune from cdt

I just wanted to write a short review on the turbo tune I had done by CDT especially for the new guys/gals since I am fairly new to the whole air gunning world .After reading allot on the GTA forum I decided to buy my second air gun a gamo cfx .177 when I received the gun it was allot different then my shadow and shot very well,I was reading about complaints people had with this specific air gun i.e.(cocking effort notchy,twang in it, trigger feel) by my limited knowledge of air guns I did not find the trigger to be terrible nor the gun to be twangy or the cocking effort to be notchy,But after reading all the reviews on CDT's work I took the leap of faith and sent it to him for a turbo tune.

Wow!! what a difference when I got it back. now I have something to compare the gunin stock form to .the cocking effort though slightly increased had become much smoother kind of like something gliding across glass instead of sandpaper,the twang in the gun was all but gone,when I first had the gun it would tend to jump to the left when shooting after I got it back it was a more consistent recoil that was more linear and not jumpy. the trigger from CDT is great it made it feel more crisp and did not take nearly the amount of force to pull. all and all the performance characteristics of the gun are greatly improved all around the gun now shoots much more consistent and is more fun to shoot. the reason for posting this especially for the newbies is that if you have not shot an air gun after it has been tuned or been lucky enough to shoot one of the higher priced rifles you don't know what your missing .

To wrap everything up the money spent with CDT was well worth it. it transformed my gun from something nice to shoot to something great to shoot also wanted to thank CDT for his work that was done on it as well as thank everyone here for all the information and ideas,reviews etc. that they have posted

James P


E-Mail from:  Frank P.
Tuesday, May 15, 2007  4:48 pm


Just to let you know my SK 1 just arrived today. Thank you. After reading the paperwork I took it to the basement. I tried it at 30 ft. Wow!!!  The cocking was just too smooth, not anything like before. Your trigger was better that I expected. The spring noise is gone and shoots super smooth. After a few shots I remounted my scope. Wow! I shot a 10 shot group and it shot one ragged hole about .25 in. , as good as my pneumatics. The best it ever shot before your tune, and trigger was 1 in.  My only regret is that I will have to wait till next week to shoot outside. I am very happy with your work. I think I just received my new favorite gun.


Posted 2/16/2007 6:43 PM (#11437)
Subject: CdT Shadow Supreme tune

Just got my Shadow Supreme [.22] back from CDT, after I screwed something up inside.  I feel stupid, because he had done the full house deal for me, and I was messing with the trigger, and not being as careful as I should leaning it against the wall.  Maybe I should have lubed and cleaned it after 3000 pellets

Got all twangy on me and was *_*_*_*_*_*ing off my neighbors, so I sent it to him, hoping he could do something.

Called him, told him my story, and in 5 days [my transit time and his included] had my gun back. What a difference. He did a clean, lube, and evidently some other magic.

The gun made a dull thud, and the pellet cracked on the steel plate.  I was so happy I wasn't worried that I would have some neighbor call the police.  Pellet guns are legal, and can be shot in the back yard, but noise ordinances are killer, so the noise reduction was very important.

After a bit of messing with the scope, I can put 5-10 pellets thru a ragged hole at 30 yards.  I hope to go to the sportsman club to test it further out. I did put 1.5 pounds of lead and foam in the stock to stabilize it a bit.

The numbers from the first tune were really good. The second stepped it up again.

I'm having a real trigger problem switching between a 3-or-less oz Airwolf and a 1.5lb springer,  but there is no question the GRT trigger is worth it, as it feels very smooth, not to mention that I like the look of it.

I may sell my .177 Shadow, but I will keep the SS as [probably] my only springer.

Here are the stats with a Crosman 14.3g pointed

               Stock   1st time   2nd time

  AVG Fps   580         670       690
  AVG Dev  6.6          3.7       3.8
  FPE        10.7        14.3       15.3

  STK trigger 6lb 3oz  GRT trigger 1lb 9oz



Posted 1/29/2007 6:14 PM
Subject: RE: The newbie and the

 Charlie Da Tuna Turbotune


I recently got my CFX tuned by Charlie Da Tuna.I also

got a TurboTune and the new triggerMy rifle was only

 gone 6 days, and if FedX would have delivered it the first

 day they had it,it would have only been gone 5 days.

Charlie provides excellent service.

The rifle is a different gun than I sent him.The new trigger

is amazing. It is verylight compared to the original one.

The rifle has less recoil than before and is much smoother.

Charlie provides a printout of his tests before and after

 the tune. The trigger pull before was 5 lbs 8oz and after

it was 1 lbs 10 oz. What a change. The Chrony test had a

deviation of 105 FPS before and 11 fps after the tune. The

graph of the 10 shots fired after the tune is almost a

straight line in the 875 fps range.

In summary I can't say enough good things aboutthe tune

Charlie provided for me. I only have the one springer, but

 if I had more, I will send them allto Charlie for a tune.


John Y

E-Mail from Diuntae W


RE: Crosman Quest 800 tune  1/24/07

Hello Bob,

 I received my Quest back from you today and all I could say is WOW you have definitely unlocked the BEAST. Amazing pre chrono average 663 fps & post chrono average 713 fps is just amazing; increasing the ft lbs. from 13.96 to 16.16 I just can't thank you enough. I can't leave out the trigger, beautiful and hair pin pull, that's just super. I thank you a lot and you will be getting more business from me in the near future.  Thanks again,


New FWB-124
May 17 2006 at 10:32 PM  Earl D.

I have been reading the forum for 14 - 16 months and have gotten a bit of good information from all of you. Thanks. The most important bit however is what good a tuner Charlie (CharlieDaTuna) is. Two weeks ago I emailed Charlie about a very sick FWB-124. it was shooting fine one day, the next day it wouldn't push a pellet more than 4 inches down the barrel. I've owned it for twenty years and it's always been my favorite. Long story short, Charlie fixed it. Charlie works magic with Springer's. My rifle has never shot this smooooth. i can't say enough about the difference in performance. It shoots faster, quieter, and more accurate than ever before. Thank you Charlie.



CFX Royal .177 Review..........................
May 9 2006 at 12:07 PM
Gene C.

The following information on my CFX Royal .177 is basedon electronic data and actual personal experienc with the above-mentioned rifle.

I bought this new CFX Royal .177 rifle on line through an auction for $214.50. After I got the rifle, I cleaned it up and installed a Leapers 3-9x40 AO Mil-Dot Scope with R/G LESCP-394AOMDL. This scope is very well made and very clear. Adjustment is very easy. Used Accushot one piece scope mount.

I then sighted in the scope adjusting the parallax to 10 yards. I was using RWS Superdomes. At this point I started to test for groups. I noticed that the CFX Royal was very rough and noisy, but trigger felt comfortable. I was getting very irregular groups at 10 yards inside the 1' circle and I could not get a bull's eye at that distance.

Then I grabbed my CFX .177 Synthetic that has been tune by CharlieDaTuna with a GTX trigger. Adjusted scope and bingo, I was hitting right on the bulls eye with the first shot. Then I picked up the CFX Royal .177 again kept trying for that bull's eye, but no luck. I placed my target stand out at my 40yard marker. Fired my first shot at 40 yards with the CFX Royal and was no where near the bulls eye.. I always use those 5 '' Shoot N See targets for initial scope adjustment and then go down to the 2' Shoot N See targets. I was able to get the groups with in 3' at this point but lots of them were scattered around the target. Nothing consistent. I ran through about 200 pellets. I then broke out some other pellets and tried again and again and things just got worse. I had fired around 600 pellets by now so I took it to Charlie.  I am sorry I did not keep the old target to show you but I did keep the target that I used after CharlieDaTuna did his TurboTune on it. I did not have him do a GTX trigger on this CFX Royal .177 at this time.       Click on thumbnails to see larger image:


Could not wait to get it home to check for accuracy. Finally I installed the  Leapers 3-9x40 AO Mil-Dot Scope with R/G LESCP-394AOMDL and sited it in for a 10 yard target. Bingo was able to snag a bulls eye. And the at 40 yards. Bingo, it felt so goooood. The CFX Royal was like a different springer this time. Yes, CharlieDaTuna had done his magic on another one of my springers.

I am a novice with air gun springers and have no idea how to tear down one for maintenance. Maybe someday but right now I am enjoying the sport of shooting targets for accuracy thanks to Charlie.

 Pre-Tune opinion of the CFX Royal .177'' On a scale from 0-10 ' 0 being the poorest. This is based on my experience with Gamo Springer Models only.

Noise = 7            Dieseling = 5
Recoil = 7           Trigger = 8
Accuracy = 6

Post Tune- CharlieDaTuna, Tune Up

Noise = 10           Dieseling = 10
Recoil = 9            Trigger = 9
Accuracy = 10

As some of you know I have bought a few Gamo's since I have joined this great forum. I do know this that every single one of them have been tuned and GTX triggers installed on some by CharlieDaTuna. The difference has been night and day. I really think that Gamo has a great rifle but they did not finish the job with detail of tuning.

CharlieDaTuna has made this sport for me a wonderful experience. I honestly do not think that if I had not sent my first springer 'S1K' to CharlieDaTuna that I would not be here on this forum writing about this fantastic experience with a well tuned springer. A personal thanks to you CharlieDaTuna for all u have done.

I thank all the rest of you for all the help and advice that you have been so willing to give me.


Gamo - NRA Special Ed. (tuned)
December 28 2005 at 3:13 AM

 Bought a NRA Special Edition Gamo and sent it unfired to CharlieDaTuna for his high end tune and a gtx trigger. Got it back from Charlie in like a week and a half or less.

Not having fired it first, I can't judge a before and after comparison however, let me say this. It is "in my opinion" a nice looking package, light weight, ambidextrous (I'm a lefty),very smooth to cock and fire, quiet at the muzzle and with a definite lack of spring noise or twang as compared to my ole Crossman Challenger that was made in West Germany many years ago for Crosman.

It is accurate and shoots in the low to mid 900 fps average with 8ish gr pels. which probably puts them in the 14 to 15 fpe bracket. A real pleasure to shoot. Still testing pellets, but I'm very impressed so far and am expecting more fpe and equal or better accuracy with mid wt. or heavier pels at lower speeds.

I can only attribute this to Charlie's magic, judging from previous threads I've read referring to some of the shortcomings of Gamos expressed by other readers. Only time will tell about the reliability, but isn't that true with any brand new gun. I don't anticipate any problems after Charlie worked it over.

Charlie is good people and a great guy to work with. He puts his all into doing you a good job and I think he really enjoys his work. Thanks Charlie.

Tuned Gamo 220
December 22 2005 at 7:52 PM

I wanted to share my experience with Bob "CharliedaTuna". I was a little hesitant to drop another $180 on a rifle that I was already disappointed in, but decided to take the plunge. Am I glad I did! What follows is the email I sent him right after getting the gun back and testing it out...


I just wanted to let you know that I got the rifle back today.

Wow, what a difference! It is now so much quieter than before. The new spring makes cocking noticeably smoother and lighter. The trigger job you did is fantastic - very smooth and light with no gritty travel at all. Best of all, the recoil has all but disappeared - just a mild bump is all that's left. Before, it would twitch and jerk like a hip-hop rapper doing the latest moves. Now it is very smooth and gentle, with no rotation or sideways jolt. The spring seems to make just a single thump as it fires. Nice job!

It also seems to be much more powerful. I noticed the chronograph results showed an increase of nearly 60 fps. The only downside to that is it now shoots right through my pellet trap, whereas before it would only dent the back plate. Problems like that, I can live with!

My shot groupings seem much tighter, but that's just using the iron sights. I can't wait to put the scope back on, sight it in and see on paper just how good the magic is that you put into this gun. There's nothing like good old American craftsmanship from a man that takes pride in his work. You certainly do, as evidenced by the job you did on my Gamo.

Bottom line, I couldn't be more pleased. I am looking forward to shooting at least a tin or two of pellets over the Christmas holidays. This gun now rocks! Thank you!

Jay Maze