Testimonials Air gun

Paul Stewart
Sent: Tuesday   Nov. 25,  2008  6:35 pm
Subject: Paul Stewart

 Thanks Charlie,

In regards to the Gamo Shadow 1000 rifle I sent you, I received it back today. Am I pleased' Not only am I pleased, I am very surprised. The turn around was the best customer service I have ever received on anything. I shipped it to you on a Thursday afternoon and had it back on a Tuesday morning.

You took this average springer from a weak pow to an amazing WOW. Is this even the same gun I sent you''''

The trigger, power, consistency, and accuracy of the rifle is just what I was looking for. You have saved me over 500.00 by not having to buy one of those European or German guns. I was wanting accuracy; I can hit dimes all day now at 20 yards. There is no more twang of the spring and the recoil is just a solid and firm nudge now. It doesn't want to jump out of my hands or kick the scope completely off the rail anymore.

Who ever said you were a good gunsmith lied to me. You are a magician. You make me want to buy a .22 cal and send it directly to you. I spoke to a salesman at pyramydair.com today and told them that they need to recommend sending any and all Gamo rifles ordered from them directly to for your service first.

Honestly, I can't say enough about what you did so I guess the best thing I can say is thank you Charlie. You are an amazing craftsman.

You're Friend,

From: Ron Zappardino
Sent: Tuesday   Oct.7,  2008  2:22 am

Subject: Testimonial

Thank you so much for tuning my whisper even after your retirement. I hope you live a long and happy one. You can make the following paragraph a testimonial for your website if you like.

 The turbo tune was an amazing difference for my new GAMO whisper VH.

The recoil and spring twang have noticeably better, the consistency is far superior, and the trigger pull, is well... amazing.

My trigger pull went from about 5 1/2 lb to about 2 lb. I feel like I can tell when the gun is going off, instead of slowly pulling the trigger, waiting for my gun to go off. I feel like I am now in control of my gun, making me a much better shooter.(not to mention the fashionable gold trigger ha ha) I have never touched an airgun before this, but I am hitting rabbit sized targets at about 50 yards away.

This is not a gun any longer, it is tool, one that can be used with precision and purpose. A Charlie tune takes your gun, and exploits it's potential, making it the best tool it can be.

Thank you so much, Ronnie Zappardino.   La Jolla, CA

Posted 7/5/2008 11:57 AM (#67748)
Subject: RWS Diana 350 .177 Turbo Tune

RWS Diana 350 .177 Turbo Tune


From: Joe P.
Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2008 4:31 PM
To: Bob; charliedatuna@charter.net
Subject: RE: Whisper tune

Hello Robert!!
I thought I would drop you a line after having the gun back for a few days. I have had it back for 5 days, shot at least 2 - 300   pellets each day, sometimes more. Bob, i know I'm starting to sound like a groupie, but I cannot believe what you've done with this gun. 

 My son has an un tuned Whisper Deluxe. He won't shoot it. My other son has an un tuned CFX, he won't shoot it. They   refuse to 'let' me use my toy!! All BS aside, the gun has gotten smoother with time. We've put close to 1,000 pellets through   it and you cannot believe the difference from the first day you returned it to me. It is more consistant in every way, GRT pull   is totally predictable and has the sweetest break ever!! The 'twang' is gone, the 'kick' is almost non existant. If you are    about 10 feet away from me as I'm shooting, you cannot hear the action of the gun. Cocking has not only gotten easier,  it's gotten smoother and quieter. 

I'm going to send you some pics of groups from 50 and 70 yards. You wouldn't believe me otherwise!! I love the fact that I can watch the 'hit' through the scope because of reduction of kick!! That's cool!! 

In short, I wish there were more people, or tuna, on the web that were this great to deal with!! TOTALLY SATISFIED!! 

 Thanks again Robert!!


From: Joe P.
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 12:56 PM
To: Bob; charliedatuna@charter.net
Subject: Re: Whisper Tune

Hello Robert!!!!
I received the gun this morning!!!! It is everything I expected and MORE!!! First of all the whole procedure took 6 days!! It takes longer to receive a tin of pellets from most sites!!! Secondly, you answered EVERY e mail this balloon buster sent you, at least 2 a day, within an hour!!

 I could go on and on bro, but I'll be quick and to the point. It was an absolute pleasure
dealing with you, the workmanship is second to none, I had a good gun, Gamo Whisper Deluxe, now I have an outstanding gun!! I've gained almost 200 FPS, the cocking action used to sound and feel like there was sand and pebbles grinding around in there. Now it is like butter!!!

The trigger is almost too good to be true!! Bob, you took a mid level springer and turned it into a top notch, bad a$$ weapon!!! Thanks so much!!

I shoot with about 6 or 7 guys. Mostly Gamo or Diana's. They literally don't know what to say!! Once they take a couple of shots with mine, it's hard to get it out of their hands!!!!

Thanks again Robert
Joe P. in NJ


Posted 4/4/2008 4:54 PM (#53985)
Subject: Super Streak tune and grt111 trigger

Hello everyone. I just wanted to pass some much deserved kudo's to everyone at the GTA forum for steering me in the direction of Bob Werner aka CharlieDaTuna. I was fortunate enough to get Bob to tune my Benjamin Super Streak and install the GRT111 trigger. (From what I understand, he is doing no more of them). Turn around from the time I sent it till I got it back was one week. That's fast. But what he did for this rifle is amazing. I can honestly say that right now this rifle shoots as well and accurate as any air rifle I've ever shot. My RWS 350,36,and 34's are fine shooters but already within the first 500 shots since the tune the Streak is shooting one ragged hole groups at will. The trigger alone has made a huge difference in the shoot ability of this rifle. I can't say enough good things about the professionalism and skill of CharlieDaTuna. For all the newbies out there, if you haven't already done it, get the GRT111 trigger if your rifle will accommodate it. You will sing the praises I promise and if you can get him to tune an air rifle for you you'll swear it's the best money you ever spent...just like me! Oh yeah, this rifle is producing over 20ft.lbs. at the muzzle but it shoots like a very mild R7.Thank-you soooo much Bob for everything . Next Ill scope up the RWS350 you tuned and get it going. So many pellets, so little time.



E-Mail from: Wes Combs
Sent: Sat. May 24, 2008 3:13 PM
To: Charlie
Subject: GRT

Hey, Charlie..I really appreciate your help the last couple days. I just thought I'd write a little review for you to post on your website as a thank you.

I ordered the GRT III for my Remington Summit and in mere days the trigger was in my mailbox. I was truly shocked at how fast I received it. After rushing it inside, the installation couldn't have been easier and the performance afterwards was astonishing. The draw went from being heavy, long, and unpredictable to having a light and clean break, which really improved my group sizes. Unfortunately, I wore out the safety latch on my gun, so I'll be returning the rifle before long. I emailed Charlie to ask for his opinion on which gun to upgrade to and that's when I was surprised yet another time. Unlike the run around customer service I've grown used to these days, I was promptly responded to, not just on one but to all of my questions.  He directed me to the Diana 34 and because GRT III isn't compatible with the RWS models, he offered to reimburse the expense of the trigger. This shows that he genuinely cares about the happiness of his customers and not just his profit. While I won't be needing the trigger anymore, I'll surely be back for a tune up at a later date because of the sincerity I've witnessed.

Thanks again,



Posted: 5/15/2008 5:29 PM (#59925)
Subject: Turbo Tune Gamo Nitro 17

Last christmas my wife bought me a Gamo NRA Nitro 17 .177 for plinking in the back yard. I shoot competition pistals on a regular basis with the Practical Shooters Association and I am my used to having a good trigger for competition. Well this was my first pellet gun and I was really having fun shooting it, but the trigger was not very good at all. After some research I found CHARLI DA TUNA online and he had just what I was looking for. So I took the chance and ship him my gun to have a Turbo Tune with the GRTIII trigger installed. Well It was such a great experience working with Bob who kept me inform about what he was doing all the way thru the process. I shipped it to him on a Thursday and had it back on Monday with all the test data before and after the tune up can't ask for better service than that. I was so excited to get it back so fast I went right out to back yard and shot about 200 rounds. WOW was all I could say the trigger was better than some of my competition pistals. I have to amit the first shot starteled me, two stage trigger was so smooth with a cleanest break I have ever fellt. With the turbo tune and the trigger it turn a fun gun to shoot into one I can't put down now. My wife is happy I'm not runniing off to the local gun range as much. I'm hook on these pellet guns and if you want to turn your Gamo into a sure fire accuret fun to shoot and reliable gun by all means visit Charl Da Tuna web site. I am very pleased with his work that my future pellet guns (that my wife does't know about yet) will go to see Charli for tune ups.

James B 

E-Mail from: Peter K.
Sent:  April 26, 2008 3:56 PM
To: Charlie
Subject:  FWB127 Tuneup

Hi Robert,,, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the Turbotune that you did on my FWB127. I've had this gun for over ten years and I have to say that it didn't  shoot as well when it was new as it does now. The difference that you have made it is hard to describe. It's the only airgun that I have ever owned and probably ever will, especially after your servicing it. When it comes to working on these airguns, you are everything that everybody says you are and the way that you conduct your business is beyond the norms any more. Your reputation precedes you and I for one certainly understand why. 

Thank you again Robert


E-Mail from: Stephan D.
Sent: Tue.   April 29, 2008 3:56 PM
To: Charlie
Subject:  Turbo Tuneup

Bob, I just wanted to let you know I got my Gamo Hunter Elite back yesterday just before noon. I had time to shoot a couple hundred rounds of pellets through it, and I have to tell you just how pleased I am with the results of the Turbo Tune-up you did! What an amazing transformation! I'll list my observations so far.

1. I immediately noticed the difference in the noise level... no more of that THWAAANG when I release the trigger (the GRT-III is absolutely amazing also!) I would guess that the rifle now makes about as much noise as my Black and Decker electric staple gun!

2. And no more of that jump and heavy recoil either. Now it has a smooth release and mild push for recoil.

3. The cocking effort is now greatly diminished! I can cock it by using just the first two fingers of my left hand!

4. I love the fact that you do the BEFORE and AFTER testing on the chrony and trigger pull (which is now at just 1 lb 8 ozs...SWEET!) It gave me a vivid picture of what I had going on before I sent it to you, and then the results after the tune-up!

For anyone reading this, my rifle went from a before average velocity of 792, to an average of 933 fps after the tune-up!!! And the most amazing part was the variation of the before and after velocities. It seems that the factory seal (which Charlie returned to me with the rifle so that I could see for myself) had a very bad gash in it... and I had only fired about 300 pellets through it before sending it the him! Before the tune-up, I had an extreme velocity variation of 34 fps, but after Charlie did his magic, it now has an average deviation of only 3 fps (that's right, I said 3...now that's consistency for you!). That may not seem like much, but when you consider the fact that most .177 pellets weigh in at only about 8 grains, that can make a real difference when shooting for accuracy!

5. And last, but definitely not least, is the reduction of the noise it used to make when I cocked it! Before, it made this scrapping and grinding noise, kinda like one of those beer can recycle crunching things you put on the wall out in the garage (near the beer 'fridge, of course!), but now it cocks in a nice smooth easy motion with way less effort and just a whisper of the sound of the spring being compressed.

So, in summary Bob, I just want to tell you again just how PLEASED I am! Your turn-around time was fantastic, and you kept me informed the whole time. I'll be in Phoenix this weekend at an informal shoot-off, and you can believe they'll all hear about "Charlie da Tuna" and your fantastic work! If anyone gets to read this, believe me when I say that this is money well spent!

Thanks again, Bob. I'll be doing more business with you later!


E-Mail from: Jim T
Sent: Sun.   April 13, 2008 2:11 PM
To: Charlie
Subject:  FWB-127


I received the FWB127 during the week.

I just had to tell you that I am truly impressed about the improved action of my FWB127. Not only did you repair the gun but made it shoot better than when it was new!  I gladly recommend you to anybody that needs their airgun to be tuned and or repaired. You are a true craftsman. Your service is worth every penny. In fact the whole transaction from beginning to end went very smoothly and professionally.

Thank you.
Sincerely,       Jim Tracy


E-Mail from: Derrick O.
Sent:  Mar. 26, 2008 10:05 PM
To: Charlie
Subject:  RWS 36

Hey Bob/Charlie

Got my gun back yesterday and got a chance to take it out and run it through its paces. Like everybody else says <<>What a difference. I questioned whether or not to spend the money for a Pro tune and gambled on it. I can tell you, it's no gamble and is everything that you said it would be and then some and the results that everybody else talks about. It such a smooth cocking gun no where near the shock and quiet and is now much more accurate. It was pretty accurate before I sent it to you but the groups have shrunk by half at 30 yards.

I don't know what it is that you do to these guns when you Turbotune them but no doubt about it, you are a master tuner or gunsmith. The service that you provide is outstanding and I would recommend you to anybody. It's easy to see why everybody talks so highly of you including me and if you ever need any recommendation, feel free to send them to me.

I also have an RWS 54 that I will be sending to you in the near future.

Thank you again

Derrick in AZ

E-Mail from: Craig H.
Sent:  Mar. 10, 2008 1:37 AM
To: CharlieDaTuna
Subject:  My Shadow is home'

 Hi Bob

I got my Shadow back a few days ago and just had to let you know how much I like it. It's just not the same gun that I sent to you. The difference with the turbotune and trigger is unbelievable. Let me take it a step further.

I also have a Gamo 440 and it to was a rough shooting guns like most gamos are and their notoriously bad trigger. I consider myself to be very mechanically inclined and a very good do it yourselfer type guy. My first mistake was ordering a 'trigger mod' kit trying to save a few bucks. A total waste of money. I later ordered two of your triggers and installed one in it (and one in my 440) and that did help a lot but didn't improve the basic gun so I decided to do a (home) tune on it. I ordered a so called 'tune kit' from a competitor of yours up in Michigan, the same place I got the micky trigger mod kit but when I got it this so-called kit, I knew that it was going to be a chop job just like the trigger kit and a long way from a pro job. Anyway,  I 'tuned' it having spent considerable time and effort to do a good job. I will say that it turned out not to be half bad but wasn't as good as I expected or hoped for. I just thought it could be better.

As you know of course, the Shadow and the Gamo 440 use the same action. I decided to go ahead and bite the pellet and send the Shadow to you for the turbotune and see if there was much of a difference. All I can say Charlie is that I wish I had your talents with these guns. Even after my tune, the difference in the two guns is quite apparent. Custom making the parts and using top quality springs and seals when tuning make a big difference no doubt. The Shadow is like a whole different gun and shoots like a dream. I had no idea what it was actually capable of. Easy cocking and when the trigger is pulled, all there is a thump. There is no twist, the recoil is reduced, no spring vibration, more power and just plain feels good and a real pleasure to shoot now. And looking through the scope when shooting, I can now keep my eye on the target during the follow through.

I can now say that I for one know the difference between a home tune and a pro tune and how much difference there is.

When all is said and done, having you turbotune my shadow was money well spent and well worth it.

Thanks again for your excellent service including your website and your forum. You are a real asset to the airgunning world.

 Craig in MA


E-Mail from: Gregory S..
Monday, 1/31/2008 5:39 pm
Subject: Woohoo

Woohoo!!! Awesome awesome product Bob!

I purchased a Crosman G1 Extreme on clearance at Walmart last week on a whim but was so dissatisfied with the trigger I was ready to return it. I'm used to target triggers like my FWB 300 and Daisy 777 have and a mile of heavy mushy travel didn't cut it. You've transformed this cheapo rifle into a tack driver that's a pleasure to shoot. Beautiful workmanship with two day delivery (one really) and top shelf performance...'nuff said!

Thank you SIr!

Greg in Asheville, NC

E-Mail from: David H..
Monday, 1/28/2008 8:31 pm
Subject: Turbo tuned Quest 800X


I received my rifle back from you last week, but due to weather and work constraints, couldn't really try it out until the afternoon. I can't begin to describe how pleased I am with your craftsmanship. You have taken what I would have called just another' pellet gun", and made an "air rifle " out of it. The trigger is light and crisp, allowing me to hold on target and shrink those groups. The rifle cocks smoothly and there is no more spring twang. recoil is lighter and the release of the trigger no longer affects my hold on target as it did before.

I must also praise your customer service, as it is first cabin all the way. You kept me informed of progress, and let me know when it shipped and the tracking number. First class craftsmanship, first class service, my next air rifle will be drop shipping to you directly from the retailer. I don't even want to see it until you've worked on it.

Best regards

David H.

E-Mail from Dan S.
Sent: Mon. 11/07/2007 10:48 pm

Good Evening Bob,

You are the man, my Gamo 220 shoots better than most high priced rifles I own or have shot. It's even fun to shoot. I'm sorry it took so long to let you know how the tune-up went but I've been away and didn't have a chance to get any pellets through it. I've now fired about 650+ JSB Yellow Match Diabolo's (8.02 gr.) and the gun is much more accurate and consistent than I could have hoped for. I've spread the word to fellow shooters and I believe it should result in some more business for you. I've got two more Gamo's and once I have the funds they will get the TurboTune as well.

Thanks again and I'll be in touch, try to get some time to yourself this weekend....;)

Take care,


E-Mail from R. T.
Sent: Mon. 10/27/2007 11:07 pm

Hi Bob:

I wanted to let you know that after several days of shooting my Shadow S1K that I am very impressed with your abilities and workmanship and the service you provide. What you have made this gun into was more than I was expecting by far.

As I told you during our phone conversation, after having my Silver Shadow tuned by ('xxxxxxx' edited out) a so-called tuner that resides on the Network 54 Yellow forum, I was far from being impressed with both the trigger mod as well as the tuning results. It was quite a disappointment and needless to say, he never got my S1K or any other business. I was informed by a couple of other airgunners that I should spend the little bit of difference in cost and go with you but elected to go the other way. Big mistake.

That said, and after your offer, I as you know, sent my S1K for the TurboTune and the GRT-III trigger. The difference in results between what you do and what ('xxxxxx' edited out) is dramatically different. The end results from you were what I expected from ('xxxxxx' edited out). Live and learn I guess.

You are a well known pro with a terrific reputation. You will be in business for a long time and will always have satisfied customers based on what I've seen, your professionalism, abilities and the way you conduct your business. And you are a true pro.

Thanks Bob


E-Mail from Casper R.
Sent: Mon. 10/18/2007 6:41 pm

Hey Bob the Whisper found its way home yesterday and I was able to do a bit of shooting. What a difference a turbotune and the new trigger can make. It's like a different gun and I would never have believed it unless I saw it for myself. It's everything that every body says about you and your work and I know now why you are so well know in the airgun field. Well worth the money and there is no doubt that I would do it again. In fact, I will be sending you my CFX in a couple of weeks.

Thanks again for making this gun into a fantastic shooter and I'll be in touch again in a few weeks.


E-Mail from Douglas P.
Sent: Mon. 10/07/2007 8:17 am

Mr. Werner'Charlie'Bob

I received my RWS-46 back from you and was able to get to shoot it yesterday and today. I cannot believe the difference in the gun. I had reservations about spending the additional money for your Turbotune in a fairly new gun but after reading about you and your magic, I bit the 'pellet' pellet and decided to have it done.

I thought this gun was shooting pretty good prior to sending it to you but after getting it back, there is no doubt about the benefits and improvement. I don't know what you do or how you do it but all I can say is that it was the best money I have ever spent in my airguns. I'm one of those that now know about the 'Tuna's' magic. It is just a fantastic shooter now, much smoother, easier cocking and much more accurate. At 40 yards I can now place nickel and quarter size groups while before being tuned a was happy when I got 2 inch groups. I attribute this to the much better shooting characteristics.

I have a Gamo Shadow and a FWB-127 that will be coming your way soon.

All I can say is thanks for the great service and fantastic job. Keep up the good work.


E-Mail from Terry O
Sent: Mon 9/23/2007 8:43 pm

Hi Robert

My B-26 arrived in great shape and your turn around time was just as you said it would be. I expected it might be gone for weeks. I waited to e-mail you because I wanted to put a tin or so through it first.

The difference that you made in this B-26 is incredible and it's like it is not the same gun. I don't know how you do it and what all you do but tuning it was sure is worth the money. It's a totally different animal now and so much more fun to shoot. Smoother shooting, the recoil is less with no torque and much more accurate.

When looking at the returned parts I couldn't believe the cant in the factory spring and the seal damage with only a few hundred pellets through it. I can see where the seal was damaged when they assembled the gun too but it was what you told me to expect. There sure is a big difference in how it shoots and feels now. You sold me a tuned B-20 6 or 7 years ago when you and James Kitching were selling guns that I traded a few years back and this B-26 has brought back old times. I should have kept it. This one isn't going anywhere for sure'lol'

All I can say is thanks for the great job and service.

Terry O.

E-Mail from Kurt T'.
Sent: Mon 9/12/2007 7:14 am

Hey Charlie'''.all I can say is 'woowow'. I got me a Gamo Shadow now that is a totally different gun than what I sent and what a difference there is. I had no idea it had this kind of potential. Smooth cocking, no twang or vibration and the improvement in accuracy at 35 yards is greatly increased shooting dime size groups now when I do my part. And the improvement in the trigger is unbelievable. Best investment I could have made in a toy and I see why they refer to you as the Gamo God. All I can say is thanks again for such a great service and would highly recommend you to anybody.


Kurt T

E-Mail from Pete D'.
Sent: Mon 8/21/2007 2:33 pm

Hi Bob. I wanted to let you know that my FWB arrived yesterday. Now that is fast service. You just don't get that anymore. I can't believe the difference in the gun and the improvement that you have made in it. It's is shooting better than ever, even when it was new 12 years ago. Fantastic job. Now I know what people mean when they say the Tuna's magic wand. Best $149.00 I've ever spent. You can be sure that I will recommend you whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Thank you again Bob

E-Mail from Clarence R
Sent: Mon 8/23/2007 5:12 pm

RWS 48

The 48 made it home today as expected. You have made this old man happy (if you can call 52 old). I knew that it could be improved but I didn't know how much. Now I know. Fantastic job and well worth the expense although I must admit that I had my doubts. I wasn't sure it was the same gun that I sent it was so different. But from everything that I have read and everybody that I talked to, all said you were the man to send it to.

It still is a bit heavy to cock but as you told me, that would not be reduced much but is smoother cocking and has less recoil and not nearly so harsh shooting. It's a real pleasure to shoot now. I also like the way that you set up the closing pressure when you cock the gun. I forgot to mention it in our discussion and it always did feel a little sloppy to me. But you caught it and fixed it during your servicing. Thanks.

To anybody that reads this, I highly recommend Charliedatuna. Its money well spent and worth every penny of it. Excellent service, honest, keeps you informed and a great person to talk to and deal with.


E-Mail from: Edward B.
Thursday, 7/9/2007, 2007 4:56 pm

Hi Bob,

I received the gun (RWS54) and I remounted the scope and zeroed it in. The first immediate sensation was that the cocking was light and smooth and the trigger light and crisp. There was no spring vibration or recoil. The gun then began to punch holes that were touching and with lots of power; and it is not even broken in yet from the tune-up. Thanks, Bob, for the fine service. Just for the record, this is an unsolicited testimonial that you may use at your discretion. And further more, my Gamo CFX will be next!

Ed B. Civington, LA

Posted 6/22/2007 7:12 PM (#14195)
Subject: CDT tuned CFX...long, but good and is..

in a word....awesome!!! Got it back the other day. First look out of the box I could see the Gold trigger staring at me. Cool! Next, I picked the gun up and realized the loose right piece of the forearm stock that came with the gun was now tight thanks to CDT. Now the gun was clean and shiny and tight. Here is the pre-tune story on my CFX.

Cocking the under-lever was rough, noisy and uneven. Heavy recoil and "thwang and big vibration" while pulling the trigger. Trigger pull very hard and unpredictable. Although the CFX only had 400 or so pellets through it at the pre-tune stage, I was hoping for some better groups at that point with the best shooting pellet at that time. I was leaning toward the JSB preditor.

Ok,..now for the post tune from CDT

Cocking the under-lever was much easier, with very little noise, (if any), and smooth as glass, from start to finish. The heavy recoil, thwang, and vibration is GONE. The new GRT trigger is........AWESOME!!! What a difference!!!! I can't begin to tell you what this trigger has done for this rifle. Again, just like the rest of the tune, the trigger is as smooth as glass. CDT also includes detailed specs on your gun including gun care, trigger specs and your guns chrony results before and after the tune up, and more.

I had to post a pic of my CFX from CDT below and add a few pre/post chrony numbers too. If you want a NEW air rifle...sent it to CDT. The difference is not night and day,...but midnight and mid-day!

BTW...I shot 4 different pellets through the CFX today. JSB Predators still won the day. I will post more results after my liberated CFX is " broken in again".

CDT pre/ results:

Trigger Lbs pull ave. 5.8
Highest Velocity fps 878
Lowest Velocity fps 861
Ave. Ft Lbs Energy 13.90

CDT post/ results:

Trigger Lbs pull ave. 1.7
Highest Velocity fps 899
Lowest Velocity fps 889
Ave. Ft Lbs Energy 14.73


follow-up post by Greg

Posted 3/23/2007 7:17 PM (#14297)
Subject: CDT CFX pellet test..

As you may know I received the CDT turbo-tuned and new trigger from him this week. OK.....drooling again.
I used Crosman 7.9 domes (from the brown box), JSB predators, and Gamo Tomahawks. They all grouped well with not one "flier". I looked around and found some Gamo Rockets sitting in back of my pellet station as I call it. I went outside and put some fresh paper at 25 yds and grabbed a beer and returned to my shootin station. First shot...dead center. I then decided to shoot a 10 shot group with the rockets.

OMG....never...ever have I ever shot a 10 shot group like this, (even with powder burners), and with Gamo Rockets' The gun must like em. Going to Wally World tomorrow to get some more! This rifle is now a class one shooter thanks to the CDT tune+ trigger. BTW....keep in mind that this rifle is not broken in yet! Only 125 pellets since the tune. I can only imagine what it will do at its peak .


E-mail From: Cody
Mar. 3 2007 12:12 PM

I got my gun back today and now its way better. At first I was going to send it back to Gamo until I heard about you from other people so I figured that I would send it to you. Anyways I was expecting to get back a Gamo shadow 1000. What I got back was a lot better than a Gamo. It fires more smoothly and a lot more accurate. When I cock the gun I don't here grinding funny sounds anymore. If I would have sent it back to Gamo they would have replaced it but instead I got the turbo tune and now it's like those German guns. Now the trigger I love the trigger. I had no idea that you could get the trigger that light and I love how it's square and not rounded it gives me more feel. I thought the Gamo trigger was okay but now I can say that it has a great trigger and I owe that and the way it shoots now to Bob Werner so thank you very much! And I would recommend this tune and trigger to anyone.

Thanks Cody

Posted 1/24/2007 8:32 PM (#9715)
Subject: Charlie Tuned Crosman Quest 800

I received my Quest 800 .22 back from Charlie today and all I could say is WOW he have
definitely unlocked the BEAST. Amazing pre chrono average 663 fps & post
chrono average 713 fps is just amazing, increasing the ft lbs. from 13.96 to
16.16 I just can't thank him enough. I can't leave out the trigger, this new GRT3 trigger is
beautiful with the hair pin pull is well worth the money. I can't say enough about the communication, he kept me informed from beginning to the end, which was not long at all 1 day is all it took. When I received my gun back I immediately took it out of the box cocked it and at that time I knew that I was in for something special. After sighting it in with my new Barska 3x12x40AO scope I can kid you not I shot five shots with each pellet touching each other at 28 yards less than 1/8" from smashing the bullseye. This is a completely different gun that I have now, let me just tell you that the turbo tune was well worth the money. Thank you Bob, now I see why everyone call you Charlie 'Da Tuna" (Tuner indeed).


E-Mail from Victor L
Unbelievable B-30

Hi Robert:

Now I know why they call you the Tuna man and why you are so highly regarded. All I can say is that what I invested in my B-30 with you was money well spent. The difference is hard to believe and far more than I expected. I wish you could have made it a couple of pounds lighter though'.lol. I don't know what you did to it but it sure makes a difference in how it shoots and the accuracy. I have an RWS-34 that I'll be sending to you very soon. Thanks again for your patience and great service.

One more question. Do you have a particular pellet suggestion that may work best.

Oh'and I promise not to deluge you with e-mail the next time.


Tuned Gamo 220
December 22 2006 at 7:52 PM

I wanted to share my experience with Bob "CharliedaTuna". I was a little hesitant to drop another $180 on a rifle that I was already disappointed in, but decided to take the plunge. Am I glad I did! What follows is the email I sent him right after getting the gun back and testing it out...


I just wanted to let you know that I got the rifle back today.

Wow, what a difference! It is now so much quieter than before. The new spring makes cocking noticeably smoother and lighter. The trigger job you did is fantastic - very smooth and light with no gritty travel at all. Best of all, the recoil has all but disappeared - just a mild bump is all that's left. Before, it would twitch and jerk like a hip-hop rapper doing the latest moves. Now it is very smooth and gentle, with no rotation or sideways jolt. The spring seems to make just a single thump as it fires. Nice job!

It also seems to be much more powerful. I noticed the chronograph results showed an increase of nearly 60 fps. The only downside to that is it now shoots right through my pellet trap, whereas before it would only dent the back plate. Problems like that, I can live with!

My shot groupings seem much tighter, but that's just using the iron sights. I can't wait to put the scope back on, sight it in and see on paper just how good the magic is that you put into this gun. There's nothing like good old American craftsmanship from a man that takes pride in his work. You certainly do, as evidenced by the job you did on my Gamo.

Bottom line, I couldn't be more pleased. I am looking forward to shooting at least a tin or two of pellets over the Christmas holidays. This gun now rocks! Thank you!

Jay Maze

E-Mail from Phil N
TX-200 arrived

Hi Bob,

My TX-200 arrived this afternoon. Thanks for you great turbo tune. I don't know what you do but no more twang and very little recoil. Have only shot a few groups but they are much tighter than before tune. Thanks for the nice trigger adjustment. I honestly believe this is something everyone should have done to their springer. Loved the chronograph report! Been looking at different brands but cannot decide which to buy. What is you recommendation on a brand and model' Thanks again and Happy Seasons Greetings.

Regards Phil Nunez

E-Mail from Karl G
B-26 is back home


Well I got my B26 back yesterday and thanks for packing it a little better than I did. I just wanted to let you know that I couldn't wait to get a few pellets through it last night. Fantastic, just fantastic. It doesn't seem like the same gun that I sent. You sure do good work. I thought I liked it before. It sure is a smooth shooter now and the cocking has improved also. I can tell already that it is more accurate using the iron sights but it got to dark to really test it. Got to get the scope mounted it tomorrow and this weekend I'll put its through it's paces. Then look out bushy tails.

Thank you for your great work. Karl

E-Mail 9/14/06 7:14pm
Gamo Viper

Hi Bob,

Since I picked up my Gamo Viper last week I've only had time to shoot around 200 pellets, but while taking those 200 shots I could only think of one word, Sweeeeeeeeet! Your GRT trigger is unbelievable. What a difference it makes. Everything about the gun is smooth and I have not had to adjust the "adjustable" scope mount once. Before it would get loose after 50 or so shots.

Thanks for the great tune. I'm sure I will be driving up to Simpsonville again in the near future.

Lexington, SC

Posted 9/13/2006 8:08 PM (#4245)
Subject: Shadow 1000 .20 Caliber................

Got up early this morning and went over to CDT's house and rousted him outa da bed a 60am..Drug him to his shop and through my new Wally World Shadow 1000 on the bench with a new Walthers Choked .20 Cal barrel from Rich, AKA "Peterdragon"....

Immediately CDT's eyes got as big as eggs when he picked up the barrel and checked the rifling and choke out. He carefully ran a pellet through the barrel with a dowel. Very slow until it popped out on the bench. He picked it up and pulled down the big lighted magnifying glass from over head. He gazed at the pellet for a moment or so spinning in his fingers and said, "the rifling is perfect on this barrel". I looked at the pellet head outer surface myself and there you could see I think lines on the outer edge of pellet. I learned now what a nice choked barrel is supposed to spit out..

CDT then called his Doberman out of the house and told him to watch me till he was done. So I went to the corner while Fritz laid starring at me for 4 hours.

While I was sitting for all that time, CDT was exchanging the .177 Gamo barrel with the .20 cal Walthers barrel. Giving the Shadow a complete Turbo Super Tune with spring, GRT-III trigger, and custom made spring guide, then deburring all parts, honing the chamber tube, washing cleaning and blow dried everything.

Then he took out seven containers with a different lube in each. He then applied the different lubricants to different parts of the Shadow just like he does all of his tunes. He was using home made tools that he made to apply lube meticulously all over the Shadow's working parts.

Well 4 hours later CDT he looked over at Fritz told him to go in the house and called me over to the chrony and said shoot the dang thing..

First thing I noticed was the barrel was a bit bigger and the Shadow was a tad heavier but not much. I threw in a pellet that Rich, AKA "Peterdragon' had supplied with the barrel. Laid the barrel on the chrony rest and fired. First shot was 683 but all consecutive shots were between 728 and 783. As I put in the pellets and shot, the numbers improved. We put in around 15 pellets for chrony testing and come out with about a 760 FPS average.

To say the least, I am very very pleased with the outcome of the Conversion. Rich, AKA "Peterdragon" had sent me a flawless barrel that converted very easily. He also sent along a tool to use in order to remove old barrel with and, pellets, muzzle brake and allot of talent and workmanship. Thanks Rich and thanks to CDT's excellent airgusmithing.

I have ordered 6 tins of Beeman FTS pellets and will have some more information after the weekend.


E-Mail: from Darryl L
Sent: Sunday, August 27, 2006 7:20 AM

Noted by Charlie: The GRT-III trigger was also installed in Darryl's CFX.


I got the CFX this Saturday (I was surprised since Saturday delivery is usually extra). I notice that Gamo changed the CFX a little bit. The last one I had didn't have a separate elevated scope mount and the rotating breech was chrome plated. The new rotating breech is some sort of sand blasted finish on it. I think now only the CFX Royals come with the chrome plating and machined in functional scope dovetail.

In any case the new CFX that you TurboTuned is just fantastic. This one feels like a truly precision instrument instead of a toy. It doesn't even feel like a "springer" it feels almost as if I am shooting a .22 rifle with just a small recoil but no twang or twisting. I have a friend with an FWB 124 and not only is the trigger better than his, but the CFX you worked on appears to be more powerful, more accurate, and smoother shooting. By the way, his FWB 124 originally had a Beeman tune and wasn't a bad gun, but it was vastly improved with a Maccari spring with heavy tar, and a new Maccari seal. Your work on the Gamo has surpassed his tuned Feinwerkbau.

While I can't say that you've transformed a Gamo into a Feinwerkbau, you've made it perform as good as one. Thanks for an outstanding job!


Subject: Quest 800x Post tune by Charlie
Posted 7/23/2006 10:22 AM (#2191)

Just got my Quest sighted in after it's return from Datuna'. For all of you that know the type of work Bob does it goes without saying, but to those who are thinking of having a tune done to their springer read on....I sent my rifle off to Bob, AKA Charliedatuna, for a super tune and trigger. What came back was an entirely different class of rifle. The trigger was the highlight of the tune. All you have to do is think and the trigger breaks as though it was a delicate glass rod. No movement other than the initial take up which you have to really be concentrating to feel but it is there. The rifle is quieter and more powerful than before with an increase of 80 to 90 fps. Now for the good part if you can believe it could get better. After the initial sight in which only took 6 pellets it preceded to place all pellets in a ragged hole easily covered by a dime at 15 yds. These are just the first shots at a short distance to further refine the scope adjustments. Not having any more time yesterday I cleaned and put the rifle away. This morning I woke to the sound of a bird feeder destroying fiend who was doing his darndest to put an end to the just newly purchased replacement to the last feeder that was hanging in the same spot a few days earlier. I snuck around to the side of the house and unleashed the fury of the Charlie tuned Quest and with surgical precision placed an RWS hobby pellet into the offending intruders melon and it preceded through and out of its computer rendering its motherboard inoperable. Needless to say, the rifle did its job. I am more than impressed with the rifle's performance. The tune made the rifle so much smoother, took away the shock and twist associated with the firing cycle. It was well worth the money spent as I received a rifle that far surpassed my expectations. If anyone is considering a tune from Bob, don't hesitate any further. I can recommend Bob without question. My rifle is a gem, a far cry from what it was. If anyone has any questions about this rifle feel free to email me. I will try to answer them if possible. I do have before and after's also if anyone would like to see.

Fishhawk Jerry

Crosman Quest 800 review.......
E-mail from Jerry C. 7/18/06

Hello Bob,

All I can say is Awesome! Oh what a difference a tune makes, and that trigger is right on! Just think and it shoots. What a pleasant surprise. I can feel the difference in power also. Pellets are disintegrating in the trap. Thanks for a job well done. Waiting for the scope so I can get down to the nitty gritty with this thing. Thank you Bob, it was worth every penny.

Jerry C

I think I've found a piece of heaven...

and it's my just returned Shadow 1000.

I sent it to CharlieDaTuna for a Super Tune and GTX-II trigger after about 2000 rounds. Now, I've read plenty of reviews of his work and there were comments like; "It's a different gun", "Unbelievable" etc. All I can say is, "Wow!"

I had a chance earlier today to shoot it outside (2 shots) and my reaction was (truthfully) a continuous giggling "Oh my God!".

About 15 minutes ago I came back upstairs after putting my BSA 3-9 X 40 back on and sighting it in at 10yds. I still can't believe what I was able to do. 7 shots inside a dime and one of them was off due to my inexperience with the trigger. 4 of them touch each other with one that shot thru THAT bunch.

I too must now say that I think Charlie just switched guns on me and gave me something different. Something amazing.

Outside I was struck at the reduction in noise. I also noted the crazy azz trigger pull.

After firing about 30 shots indoors I noticed something even better. A tremendous reduction in recoil and no spring twang sound. None. Just a solid "thunk" followed by a wail of pain from my pellet trap. The combination of trigger and reduction of recoil is truly amazing. The amount of strength required to cock the gun is also (in my opinion) significantly reduced as well as smoothed out. No where near 38lbs.

Now for all you number crunchers out there, the "info".

Pre-tune Chrony was: 884,872,893,886,885,897,878,904,899,882 with an extreme deviation of 32
Post tune Chrony was: 926,923,929,925,931,927,930,924,933,928 with an extreme deviation of 13
Avg. Ft lbs of Energy went from 13.84 to 15.13
He used 7.9g Gamo pellets for the test.

Average trigger pull pre-mod: 4 lbs 7 oz
Average trigger pull post mod: 1 lbs 10 oz

I am MORE than satisfied with his work at this point. I'll keep youz up to date as I re-brake it in if there is enough interest. I will chrony it again with my various pellets probably too.

Short end of the long story at this point is, if you are thinking of getting a professional tune up on your gun.....Think of Charlie. He certainly won't steer you wrong.


CFX Royal .177 Review..........................
May 9 2006 at 12:07 PM
Gene C.

The following information on my CFX Royal .177 is based on electronic data and actual personal experience with the above-mentioned rifle.

I bought this new CFX Royal .177 rifle on line through an auction for $214.50. After I got the rifle, I cleaned it up and installed a Leapers 3-9x40 AO Mil-Dot Scope with R/G LESCP-394AOMDL. This scope is very well made and very clear. Adjustment is very easy. Used Accushot one piece scope mount.

I then sighted in the scope adjusting the parallax to 10 yards. I was using RWS Superdomes. At this point I started to test for groups. I noticed that the CFX Royal was very rough and noisy, but trigger felt comfortable. I was getting very irregular groups at 10 yards inside the 1' circle and I could not get a bull's eye at that distance. Then I grabbed my CFX .177 Synthetic that has been tune by CharlieDaTuna with a GTX trigger. Adjusted scope and bingo, I was hitting right on the bulls eye with the first shot. Then I picked up the CFX Royal .177 again kept trying for that bull's eye, but no luck. I placed my target stand out at my 40yard marker. Fired my first shot at 40 yards with the CFX Royal and was no where near the bulls eye.. I always use those 5 '' Shoot N See targets for initial scope adjustment and then go down to the 2' Shoot N See targets. I was able to get the groups with in 3' at this point but lots of them were scattered around the target. Nothing consistent. I ran through about 200 pellets. I then broke out some other pellets and tried again and again and things just got worse. I had fired around 600 pellets by now so I took it to Charlie. I am sorry I did not keep the old target to show you but I did keep the target that I used after CharlieDaTuna did his TurboTune on it. I did not have him do a GTX trigger on this CFX Royal .177 at this time. Click on thumbnails to see larger image:

Could not wait to get it home to check for accuracy. Finally I installed the Leapers 3-9x40 AO Mil-Dot Scope with R/G LESCP-394AOMDL and sited it in for a 10 yard target. Bingo was able to snag a bulls eye. And the at 40 yards. Bingo, it felt so goooood. The CFX Royal was like a different springer this time. Yes, CharlieDaTuna had done his magic on another one of my springers.

I am a novice with air gun springers and have no idea how to tear down one for maintenance. Maybe someday but right now I am enjoying the sport of shooting targets for accuracy thanks to Charlie.

Pre-Tune opinion of the CFX Royal .177'' On a scale from 0-10 ' 0 being the poorest. This is based on my experience with Gamo Springer Models only.

Noise = 7 Dieseling = 5
Recoil = 7 Trigger = 8
Accuracy = 6

Post Tune- CharlieDaTuna, Tune Up

Noise = 10 Dieseling = 10
Recoil = 9 Trigger = 9
Accuracy = 10

As some of you know I have bought a few Gamo's since I have joined this great forum. I do know this that every single one of them have been tuned and GTX triggers installed on some by CharlieDaTuna. The difference has been night and day. I really think that Gamo has a great rifle but they did not finish the job with detail of tuning.

CharlieDaTuna has made this sport for me a wonderful experience. I honestly do not think that if I had not sent my first springer 'S1K' to CharlieDaTuna that I would not be here on this forum writing about this fantastic experience with a well tuned springer. A personal thanks to you CharlieDaTuna for all u have done.

I thank all the rest of you for all the help and advice that you have been so willing to give me.


An E-mail from: Raggie
Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2006 8:07 PM
Subject: Beeman TurboTune

Charlie, got the Beeman today. Wow. Whole different gun. I put the scope on and sighted it in. The cocking is very smooth instead of sounding like it's grinding something up every time. The trigger is great, nice and crisp. The spring has a nice thud instead of sounding like it's flopping around in there. Thanks!

I'm 62 and this is my first pellet rifle other than a daisy. While You were working on it I bought a couple of QB-78's in 22, also after some reading, I got a B-26, which I'll need your magic on sometime soon.

Well thanks, Charlie for making a rifle that I didn't think was to whippy when I got it into a great shooting rifle.

Been an Exciting day Here at da Gamo Ranch'. Read Review
April 5 2006 at 7:39 PM Gene C

On Tuesday I carried my Shadow 1000 over to Bob's house 'AKA Charlie Tuna'. Forgot to ask him how he got dat handle. lol. Anyway I went to Columbia, SC today and on the way home, Mr. Tuna called me on my cell phone to let me know my Shadow 1000 was ready to pick up.. wooo hoooo. Just happened to be going by his place on the way home so I stopped and picked up my Shadow. This was the second time that I had met Mr. Tuna. I have to describe him to some of you guys that have not met him before. He is a very meticulous person. I could tell right away by how is Air Gun Shop looked. Everything there was immaculate. You could of eating off da floor and benches. He has some fine machines in his shop. Drill press, Lathe, etc. and it all looks like new.

Now about Bob. My impression is that he is a decent, honest kind of guy. A man's man sorta speak. He loves what he does and I notice that he has a fine collection of old and new rifles and pistols. The rifles he has restored and looks better than new. (Really). I am very fortunate to live near him.

Now about my Shadow 1000. It was like a completely different air rifle than I carried over there on Tuesday. Since I have had the Shadow, I have grown attached to shooting targets with it. I thought it was pretty accurate at 30 yards before I carried over to Bob. One thing that I did not like was the trigger. Was not smooth or predictable, not to mention the noise of the spring etc.

I carried the Shadow home and WOW, there was my New CFX .177 waiting on da porch for me. Already I could not wait to shoot some targets with the Shadow and now I wanted to open my new Toy' LOL.

I put my BSA Scope back on da Shadow and opened da new CFX up. Weeeeeeeeeee!!!! Set up me targets and sighted n me scope.

Let me tell you this. The Shadow is so nice now to shoot. The trigger is perfect for Targets Practice and I was hitting da dime 9 outa 12 shots. The Shadow sounds like it has a silencer on it now, and no noise outa da spring. VERY VERY VERY Smooth action. The Trigger pull is Damm nice.

Now for the CFX' he he'. I love it also. I like da trigger the way it is. It is quieter than the Shadow was when I got it. One thing I noticed right away after cleaning it up and takin 20 shots at fresh target at 30 yards without a scope. I hit da dime 14 outa 20 times without a scope. Could not get that many from da Shadow without da scope the first time I shot it.

Here is the writing on the wall Guys. Before and After Charlie's Trigger Mod and Turbo Tune. Check out the difference. Amazing Would I recommend Charlie Tuna for Air Gun Smithing' DAMM RIGHT I WOULD'''.


B20 22 cal back from charlie
March 9 2006 at 10:30 PM James Morrison

I got my b20 in 22 cal back from getting a turbo tune from CharlieDaTuna and I'm totally blown away with this gun and I can't believe this is the same gun that I sent. I just have one thing to say...WOW'what a difference from I sent to what I have now. Talk about night and day. The tune sheet that was provided with my gun said it all. I still can't believe this is the same gun that I sent him and that this gun had any power from looking at the old parts that were with the gun that he sent it back. Now it's more smooth accurate and has plenty of kick. Just what I wanted. He will be getting all of my future tunes as well as my friends. I'm going to spread the word about him and his work that's for sure. Thank you very much. The trigger is awesome and all thanks to CharlieDaTuna.


B30 review finished (results)

March 2 2006 at 5:19 PM

UPDATE: Review Post-Tuned

Wow, fast turn around Charlie! Just got the B30 back. Charlie didn't have it very long and he communicated nicely through the process. As soon as I got it I mounted a new Tasco Airgun Scope 3-9X32 with AO and target turrets on it. I took the chrony, predator pellets, Eun Jin pellets, Gamo hunters, and some field target specials outside. I had to shoot it first just to see how it felt. I was concentrating on the trigger pull more than anything, so I didn't even notice till after the next shot that the recoil was so mild. Just the standard "thunk". Very smooth and no spring twist at all. At least that's what if felt like. David McMillan was over here, so he shot it. I said "what do you think'" He said "Great gun, smooth, not harsh and no twang." I'm pretty sure he wants one now So I set up the chrony and ran FTS through. 740fps average with very little variance in velocities. Nice. Gamo hunters were 730 avg., Eun Jin (very, very heavy) went 466 fps. That surprised me that I got that much out of them. I felt the spring really take a nose dive on those, so that's the end of shooting those babies. The Predators shot 707 average. Now to shoot some groups.

The trigger is much better than before. Short first stage, short second stage. Charlie gave me a 4lbs trigger, but sent instructions on replacing the two existing trigger adjustment screws with longer ones to get it even better. I'll probably do that, but I really don't want it much lighter since this gun will only be used for hunting pests.
Right now, the B30 is smokin' a bit out the barrel after shots, but Charlie sent a good instruction sheet explaining that, about the lubes creeping forward for a bit. He also mentioned that when the seal set's in good, I may gain, up to, an additional 3% on velocity. This is the hottest firing .22 I have had to date and was mainly looking for something over 700fps, preferably 750. So it fit's that bill even if it lost or gained any additional velocity.

Well, that's it. I now have the .22 hunter I have been wanting for quite sometime. I'll put a sling on it, pellet holder and call it good. Now I gotta baptize it in some Jack Rabbit blood.

Recommendation - Get one, get it tuned by Charlie and go get some vermin

Reviewed by Robert Fischer

Re: New Pariot

JAMz Feb.15, 2006

I've own several Gamos and sold all but still kept my handsome Stutzen. Compared to the high end spring guns like Beeman, AA, Webley and Theoben, Gamos fall short. But these are actually pretty good. Here in Puerto Rico, that is the best you can shop around and they're expensive. For example; a Hurricane 1250 for $650.00, go figure...

If you like your shadow 1000, send it to CharlieDaTuna for a tune and a new GTX trigger. I did it with my Stutzen and the thing is a totally different gun now. Very, very nice. What can you expect form Charlie's tune' A bit power increment, a sweet shooting cycle and overall smoothness, a solid thud instead of the spring twang. Charlie uses Maccari internals. The new GTX trigger blade is a huge improvement over the factory trigger blade. Seriously, you should try it.


An E-mail from Jason C '.Gamo 890 1/29/06

I am an accuracy nut when it comes to shooting my high powered air rifles and I just really enjoy shooting. I got into shooting my neighbors air guns because we could shoot right here in town without having to leave the area unlike high powered rifle shooting. He had a Gamo shadow and a Gamo 220, they were very fun, however the triggers were both horrible and he had major trouble with scope slippage on both guns. I really wanted an air gun but did not want a Gamo at first because of the trigger, but when I heard about BOB WERNER (CharlieDaTuna) I decided to start looking for a used rifle because from what I had heard he made them better than new. Well I found a Gamo 890 and sent it off right away to him. I took advice from his emails when I asked questions and the great advice from his website. I think you could get all the answers to your questions from his website especially by clicking on air gun docs.

Any way, when I sent it Bob communicated to me when he received it, started working on it and when he sent it back so you never have to wonder or worry. I got whatever he recommended and the GTX trigger mod.

The first day I shot my gun after he had worked on it; my neighbor was embarrassed to shoot with me. My groups are typically half the size of his. I found a pellet now that shoots a ten shot group at 45yds that is less than two inches in diameter with five of those shots hitting a nickel size bull!!! I know that when I shoot my neighbors gun, the trigger pull alone practically makes it impossible to shoot this accurately.

My trigger now pulls at less than 2lbs and my gun shoots pellets almost 100 fps faster on average than when I sent it to Bob. In my opinion this gun is worth more now than a high dollar RWS or most any other gun from the factory.

I also want to let you know that Bob Werner is not just a great business man who does great work; he is an overall nice, good person. It shows from all the emails and the phone conversation I have had with him. I advise you all if you are serious about your air gun to send it to Charlie the tuna and you will get back a gun that is better than the factory can make it brand new!!!!

Jason C.

Gamo - NRA Special Ed. (tuned)
December 28 2005 at 3:13 AM

Bought a NRA Special Edition Gamo and sent it unfired to CharlieDaTuna for his high end tune and a gtx trigger. Got it back from Charlie in like a week and a half or less.

Not having fired it first, I can't judge a before and after comparison however, let me say this. It is "in my opinion" a nice looking package, light weight, ambidextrous (I'm a lefty),very smooth to cock and fire, quiet at the muzzle and with a definite lack of spring noise or twang as compared to my ole Crossman Challenger that was made in West Germany many years ago for Crosman.

It is accurate and shoots in the low to mid 900 fps average with 8ish gr pels. which probably puts them in the 14 to 15 fpe bracket. A real pleasure to shoot. Still testing pellets, but I'm very impressed so far and am expecting more fpe and equal or better accuracy with mid wt. or heavier pels at lower speeds.

I can only attribute this to Charlie's magic, judging from previous threads I've read referring to some of the shortcomings of Gamos expressed by other readers. Only time will tell about the reliability, but isn't that true with any brand new gun. I don't anticipate any problems after Charlie worked it over.

Charlie is good people and a great guy to work with. He puts his all into doing you a good job and I think he really enjoys his work. Thanks Charlie.

Tuned Gamo 220
December 22 2005 at 7:52 PM

I wanted to share my experience with Bob "CharliedaTuna". I was a little hesitant to drop another $180 on a rifle that I was already disappointed in, but decided to take the plunge. Am I glad I did! What follows is the email I sent him right after getting the gun back and testing it out...


I just wanted to let you know that I got the rifle back today.

Wow, what a difference! It is now so much quieter than before. The new spring makes cocking noticeably smoother and lighter. The trigger job you did is fantastic - very smooth and light with no gritty travel at all. Best of all, the recoil has all but disappeared - just a mild bump is all that's left. Before, it would twitch and jerk like a hip-hop rapper doing the latest moves. Now it is very smooth and gentle, with no rotation or sideways jolt. The spring seems to make just a single thump as it fires. Nice job!

It also seems to be much more powerful. I noticed the chronograph results showed an increase of nearly 60 fps. The only downside to that is it now shoots right through my pellet trap, whereas before it would only dent the back plate. Problems like that, I can live with!

My shot groupings seem much tighter, but that's just using the iron sights. I can't wait to put the scope back on, sight it in and see on paper just how good the magic is that you put into this gun. There's nothing like good old American craftsmanship from a man that takes pride in his work. You certainly do, as evidenced by the job you did on my Gamo.

Bottom line, I couldn't be more pleased. I am looking forward to shooting at least a tin or two of pellets over the Christmas holidays. This gun now rocks! Thank you!

Jay Maze

An E-mail from Tim Nov. 12 2005

Hi Bob,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the results of the tune and trigger upgrade. The gun used to vibrate and jump in my hands, requiring great concentration and a little luck to hit the target. After the tune, it seems like a different gun. The vibrating twang has been replaced by a solid 'thwack' with slight recoil. Now if I miss the target, it is operator error, not the gun jumping in my hand. Thanks to you, I am now totally accountable for my misses,

As a note to anyone with a Gamo gun, even if you just pulled it out of the box, send it to 'Charlie' for him to work his magic. You will then realize the full potential of the gun. Get the trigger upgrade. The stock trigger pulled at over 6 lbs, under 2 after the upgrade. It feels like butter, so smooth and very predictable. I also gained about 50 fps. I had been pricing other guns, in the $500.00 plus range, since I am now hooked on airgunning. I thought I would have to spend that much to get the kind of performance that I am now getting with my gun, a Gamo Hunter 440. My groupings have gone from around the black to inside the black on a consistent basis. It is well worth the money spent. He is very professional, letting you know the status of the gun at each stage. Just do it, you won't regret it. Thanks again,

Tim Null

Legacy tune-up

January 14 2006 at 11:58 AM springernut springernut
I just received a Benjamin Sheridan Legacy 1000 for Christmas. I had one of these over 20 years ago that was stolen and never replaced.

After getting it out of the box, I was kind of disappointed to see all the plastic parts that used to be metal, but figured what the heck, lets shoot it. The power is definitely still there, with all it's recoil, but what really surprised me was just how much the quality of the trigger had deteriorated.

After finding out that these things can be tuned up, I sent the rifle to Bob, aka "Charlie da tuna" for a super tune, and trigger tune. I must say that he did a great job with it. The spring twang has been changed to a dull thud, and a lot of the recoil twist is gone. The trigger is now much improved also. It had a 7lb. pull to start, with lots of creep, and the release was pretty unpredictable. Now, it pulls at 3lbs. 10 oz., has little or no creep left, and releases predictably each time.

I just wanted to tell anyone who is considering a tune, to get it done. Bob took real good care of me. He does what he says he will do, for what he says he will do it for. He runs a good honest service, with fast turn around time that is a great value for the money he charges.

The tune-up made it a lot more fun to shoot this entry level rifle. Even though Bob claims to specialize in tuning Chinese Springer's, he did a great job with my Legacy. I would recommend his work to anyone.


GTX trigger mod.
August 10 2005 at 1:37 PM

I wanted the NRA Gamo 1000 rifle currently being offered in our "American Rifleman" magazine but had experienced the Gamo triggers and was hesitant. An inexpensive line like Gamo had to cut costs somewhere. It came with the territory. Then I saw Charlie Da Tuna's GTX trigger mod for the Gamo line and orderd the rifle and trigger mod. This makes the Gamo 1000 a match rifle in sporting guise. I have only had 2 match rifles and 2 match pistols with better trigger pulls. Light and crisp at just over 1 pound makes it my favorite springer. I have several HW's with their famous Rekord trigger and it can't compete with the GTX. Gary

And the e-mail Gary sent to me: 8/10/05

Boy, oh Boy! This GTX trigger mod for my NRA Gamo Shadow 1000 is amazing! Better, by far, than HW's rekord trigger. Such a simple fix and a perfect trigger pull. I wish all my guns, rifles and pistols, firearms and airguns, had this trigger. I'll be referring all of our membership with Gamo's to you. Springers are hard beasts to tame and this trigger makes mastery simple. The most surprising part is that this is in a sporting springer. Amazing!

I have posted my raves on reviewcentre in answer to a guy who liked his Gamo Shadow but hated the trigger. Several other posts had mentioned to him that you had a trigger mod for it, but no one had actually tried it. I told him it would be the best $37.50 he would ever spend.

I'll be back for more of your products and services. Every once in a long while I'm impressed with a product and I certainly am now. You're a good man, Bob, and thanks for the next best thing to sliced bread.

Gary Anthony -- Pres. St Louis Airgun Club

Air rifle tune-ups by Charlie

July 11 2005 at 5:05 PM Chris

I just received my Mendoza .177 the other day after having Charlie (CharliedaTuna.com) do one of his Turbo Tunes on my rifle. Prior to sending it in, the rifle had lost a lot of its power and accuracy, so i figured it needed some work. Charlie installed a new spring along with a new seal, and completed the rest of the tuning on the rifle. The results were as follows: Prior to the tune, it shot approx 450 fps with an 8.3 grain pellet. After tuning the gun, it now shoots 760 fps, shooting dime size groups at 25 yds. Aside for restoring the umpf in this old shooter, he also eliminated all spring twang. Furthermore, after deburring all of the parts and completing the tune, the gun is much smoother to operate, and is more solid now than when i first purchased it. I'm really glad i decided to tune my old rifle instead of buying a new one. The gun is primarily used for target shooting and pest control, and after having it tuned, the pigeons on my deck are in deep trouble.

To anyone out there who's thinking about sending your gun to Charlie, i can highly recommend that you do...It'll never be the same again...in a very very very good way.


Tuna'd Gamo 220
May 14 2005 at 2:27 Pm Rob

OK, so the Gamo isnt a Chinese gun, but the guts are similar to a B19 from what I've read. Also, I'm sure much has been said about Charlie www.charliedatuna.com on these forums, but I have to put in my two cents.
I got my Gamo 220 back today from Charlie...wait..no..I didnt get MY Gamo back...I dont know what I got back, because what I got back was NOT what I sent him. This thing is amazing. I called Charlie to let him know about the gun I was so excited. I could not imagine how much better the Gamo would have turned out. The guy does magic.
Before the tune up I was getting around 898 fps with Gamo hunter pellets and about 756 fps with CP Heavy pellets. ....after the tune.... 955 with the Gamo Hunters and 831 with CP Heavies. Thats amazing. The gun now far exceeds my RWS 34 in velocity and smoothness of operation. The 34 goes next. If I can get 1/4 the results with the 34 as I did with the Gamo, I'll be happy.
Again, hate to sound like a commercial here, but for anyone who hasnt had a tune, it will be the best money you can spend on your springer. I just cant say enough about what Charlie can do with these guns. Also, I also had the MK-1-GTX trigger installed. Man what a difference.
Of course, its raining now, so I cant test accuracy, but I've already shot about 50 pellets through it out the door smiling with each shot.

Thats sounds Great I got to get one of my B20s to him!!
May 14 2005 at 11:06 PM DAckerson

Was that a Turbo Tune or the basic tune. I can't imagine a Gamo needing a Super Tune. I think I may Turbo tune the B2022 and GTX trigger one of the Gamos maybe the S1k .177.


May 14 2005 at 11:25 PM Rob

I think it was the Super tune. Whatever he recommended, I had him do. Just email him and he'll treat you right. I hear the B20's turn out really nice. I was planning on getting one in .22 to send to him, but my Gamo is almost getting 17fpe now in .177 so I'll stick with it. Going to have him do my RWS 34 and 54 as I get the cash. Cant wait to see how they turn out after seeing what he could do with a beat up Gamo.

An e-mail from Mike Pace 4/23/05
Just wanted to thank you for what you did to my GAMO. I absolutely Could not believe it was the same gun. The gun was totally different, smoother, easier to cock, much quieter, more accurate and a complete pleasure to shoot. The new trigger was amazing, it made all the rest of the work you did even better. Since I've got it back I can't put it down, must have shot it around a 1000 times. And it just keeps getting better.

Your service was extremely professional and very personable. You made me fell like I was your biggest customer. Thank You again and I'm sure I'll be a repeat customer. Mike Pace

An e-mail from Mike in K.C.

I received my GAMO Hunter 440 back from you today and after the first shot I knew that you returned to me a quality shooter - much different than what I sent to you. The cocking is much smoother and even though the sping is more stout , it was fairly effortless because of its smooth operation. Next, when I pulled the trigger - gone was the annoying massive 1st stage creep and that made the trigger feel cheap - and in its place is a quality MkII wide aluminum trigger that pulls light and smooth - I'm not sure what I like the best, but this part is up there. Probably the best part of all is the sound that my gun makes now - hard to explain because I haven't ever heard anything like it come out of a pellet gun before. Its a sound that makes you know that there is some real quality behind it - not a rattle coming out of the spring like there was before - its almost completely silent in ! ;spring release, and is such a strong and powerfull pop that it shocked me the first time and then just made me grin. I was definitely surprised at the sound coming out of the barrel. I'm very impressed with your work and what you have made my gun into. I shot about 50 pellets tonight and I'm grouping them nicely in about a quarter sized circle at 10 yards - and its not even close to being broken in. Thanks again Charlie - and for the quick turn around time.

Mike Stalling
Kansas City, MO

An E-mail from G.H.

Just wanted to say thanks again for the great job you did on my Gamo Shadow .22. The new trigger is totally different and absolutely great. At first I thought it might be a little light for a field gun, but after a brief re-adjustment period I love it. Cocking the gun is also noticeably smoother.

I've mounted a Leapers 4x32 mini AO Scope and have shot about 300 various pellets. I'm lucky that it seems to like whatever I feed it. I haven't had the time to get out the sandbag rest and find the one pellet that possibly may wring out the last fraction of accuracy, but for offhand field shooting I'm very pleased.

In the last week I've dispatched 2 Copperheads and a big Water Moccasin with head shots. It started when my wife had walked over to where some neighbor kids were shooting at one of the Copperheads with a BB gun (without success). She laughed at me when I went and brought out the Gamo saying there was no way I'd ever hit it. One shot later she exclaimed " wow, you blew it's head off, I'm actually impressed". The kids also seemed surprised that an airgun could be that accurate.

I'm sure this Gamo Shadow .22 will be around for a long time.

Best regards, G. H.
Lafayette, LA

April 13 2005 at 10:18 PM

I recently had my Tech Force 99 magnum .22 caliber tuned. I originally purchased my rifle about 2 years ago from compasseco. I probally shot my rifle at least 12,000 times give or take a few thousand. I shot it every day, no exceptions. Anyway, the cheaply built rifle finally broke, and I was wondering if I should buy a new TF99 or have mine tuned. I decided to have it tuned and im glad I did. My rifle was in sad shape when i sent it to charlie, it was used and abused. Charlie really did some amazing work! (new spring, all new synthetic seals, spring guide, completely reworking the trigger and compression cylinder-and not to mention other tricks he has picked up over the years) My rifle was shooting around 499 fps with 15.4 grain gamo hunter pellets with a trigger pull of just over 6 lbs. before the turbo tune. After the turbo tune my rifle shot an average of 735 fps with a trigger pull of just over 1lb. Thats right one pound! My rifle is shooting better groups than it ever has. I love it, im much happier with a tuned rifle than a new one. For anyone who is considering a tune, it is well worth it.
Thanks again,

Trent Thompson

Post response:

Good for Charlie. All that and from a gun that's advertised at 900fps! D R

Post response:

It depends on the pellet and spring. chinese web site......of the company that builds them states 675fps for the .22 cal qb36-2. (Edit: same gun as the TF-99)
mine does 840 with cp with the Maccari spring setup. mr Werner shot it a while back and can tell you alot about the chinese powerhouses with Maccari springs and quality seals. These aren't little girly guns. my gf won't cock it more than 3 times before she says she wants to shoot the fwb300.
these are big stout guns for big stout shooters. J

Post response:

what gets me.....is the guy will provide you any info you need to effect repairs on your own gun....charlie is one of the good guys to be sure.......He has helped me out alot. He ain't getting rich..but he's doing something he enjoys, and providing us a great service...........you ever notice how all the tuners seem to get along..sure they play around with each other...thats cool...but they all respect each other..........I like that. Rant over...Ron

E-Mail from Mike N 4-5-2005

What I have to report is this...

Oh my. I'd forgotten how the rifle felt when new; tight but more precise (now). There must have been an ongoing deterioration in its performance that I had gotten used to. I can recall specific moments (in the field) when it got a little more rough (metal to metal), but always seemed strong till the end. I always felt like I was chasing the scope setting. Now I can see. The velocity (and accuracy) must have been steadily decreasing with each new symptom of the cycle and, after viewing the returned spring and guide, I can see why.

With limited time on workday nights, I lack concentrated shooting periods. This week end however, will be the real trial.

The rifle is "night and day". Feels like shutting the door on a new vehicle as opposed to the 1961 Mercury Comet. I thank you for your skill and effort on my behalf.

Once I get some time under my belt I will confirm what I already suspect. The gun is stronger, smoother and more consistent. When I report that confirmation I promise to be less verbose.

Kindest regards; Mike

Now this is a B-22 March 27, 2005

Well. i,ve shot the hell out of the b22 broken peace of crap that i sent you. Found the sweet spot for the trigger. I'll now put the gun you sent me back against any rws or beeman 22 caliber, its that good. Expect more business in the future. I cant thank you enough, you have turned a broken rifle into a masterpiece.

C. Mustaller

Tuna-Shadow Supreme
March 12 2005 at 11:03 AM

One of those brown trucks that will never win a drag race brought me one of those long, thin packages yesterday. Of course, I was at work and couldn't open it. What followed was four hours of agony until I pulled into my garage and sliced the tape to reveal my finely-tuned black beauty. She'd just made the pilgrimage to the Da Tuna Finishing School where she received the works, including a Tarantula and that new trigger. I carefully stuck a few of the quarter- sized adhesive targets on a half-inch scrap alder plank which I put at the ten-meter mark on my range. I proceeded to cock and fire a few shots, and I was blown away: This couldn't be my poorly-behaved Shadow; she cocked effortlessly, the trigger pulled like a feather, and there was no vibration. I drilled the target each time and walked out to the plank. The shots were passing through the wood. I was using the RWS .177 Superpoints. This has to be one of the best tune jobs in modern history. The firing vibration before the tune left me feeling like I was going to lose some teeth. Now, it's probably the smoothest shooter in my closet, even with the synthetic stock. If you do what I did, you'll be happy with this Wal-Mart orphan. You may even fall in love. Mike


El Gamo Shadow 1000 meets CDT Farrell Bramlett 2-18-05

I purchased my first air rifle at Wal-Mart, El Gamo Shadow 1000, and it shot great. The spring lasted for about 10,000 shots or so, and as it reached the end of its life I learned about having factory air guns tuned.

While reading air rifle reviews I learned about Robert Werner, who may be better known as Charliedatuna, air gun tuner that is. I sent my Gamo gun to him and when I received it back I was more than pleased. The cocking action of the gun was much smoother than from the factory. The velocity I now receive from my gun is better than before as I used to watch my pellets approach the target. He even reworked the trigger free of charge. I highly recommend having your air rifle tuned as you will see a noticeable difference in its performance. The turn around time on my tune was good as he received it early one day and mailed it back late the next. Robert kept me posted as to what problems he found by way of e-mail. When I received my gun all I had to do was mount my scope and I was ready to go. He does good work and is honest with you about what your gun needs. I am still in random contact with Robert asking him questions as he is much more experienced about air guns than I; and he doesn't mind answering my questions. You can reach Robert by e-mail and he can help you.

I have now put about two-hundred-fifty shots through my gun since tuned and it is doing great, and I can't wait until the break in time has passed as it will only perform better. Having my gun tuned was a good idea for me and it has made my days in the field a little more enjoyable. And all avid air gunners know a day out shooting should be a pleasant relaxing experience.

Farrell Bramlett (aka) Arkansas Man

The Beast has been tamed! (B-21)
February 10 2005 at 3:30 PM

Purchased a B-21 from FunSupply and sent it off to CharlieDaTuna. Turn around time was exactly 1 week from the time is was sent. Bob called me at home the night he received the B-21 to talk about my expectation. It now shoots smoother than my old HW55T. There is little to no vibration and is only expected to get better. I had told Bob my interest was not in velocity, but accuracy. I got both. Bob is a miracle worker.


TF99 and Tuna
January 19 2005 at 12:49 PM Trevor

Charlie has made a believer of another Chinese airgun shooter! I had sent him my TF99 just after Christmas for a Turbo Tune. What a difference in the shooting quality of my gun. Before I sent it to him, I put a few shots through it to have something to compare. The gun had a rough trigger and an awful twang when shot. I trusted all you Tuna lovers out there and sent it off for the tune. Twenty four hours later the gun was on it's way back as were e-mails letting me know how my baby was doing. Excellent service to say the least. When the gun got back to me, it was out to the range. What I found was a completely different gun. Smooth cocking, smooth predictable trigger (factory trigger, GTX trigger mod does not work for TF99's) and no spring twang! It was a investment to do the work to an ok gun, but now I have a great gun for hunting and FT. Oh sure you think with his help, and directions on his web site, you can tune these guns up yourself, but, this was no B-3 or fastdeer. It was money well spent. He is a master and knows what has to be done. If your thinking of doing a tune with Charlie, go ahead you won't be disappointed!