The Evolution of "CharlieDa Tuna"

As most of you know, Charlie or CharlieDatuna is a pseudonym. Bob Werner is the original "Charlie" and the creator of the GRT triggers. Bob was also co-founder of GTA International Airgun Forums, along with forum owner Gene Curtis. Bob was a world renowned airgun tuner, hence the name CharlieDaTuna. Bob took Gene under his wing and taught him all of the finer points of airgun tuning. Gene took this knowledge and expanded on it to become a renowned tuner in his own right. Bob retired from the tuning business and left that in Gene's very capable hands.

In 2013 Bob decided to retire completely. He sold the trigger business to Gene and in November of 2013 Gene and wife Cathy took over. Nothing changed, the same machinist continued the manufacturing process, the same company does the anodizing and each trigger is STILL initially calibrated by hand one at a time. The only thing that has changed is who is actually doing the process.

In September of 2014 Gene faced serioushealth issues. He prepared for the worst by going over every aspect of the business with Cathy. She has been "Charlie" since November of 2014, handling all functions of the trigger business.

Bob and Gene have put together a great library of information on this website that is free to all. Their forum, GTA International Airgun Forums, opened its doors in June of 2006. The idea was to create a non-commercial site for all who seek airgun information to feel at home being a part of and sharing the common interest. The amount and quality of information and members there is tremendous and has no equal anywhere on the internet. And all of this is at no cost to join. The forum is owned and managed by members. And keeps its doors open by the generous donations by the family members and GTA supported vendors. We have never and will never sell sponsorship or advertising on our forum. This is their legacy. Please visit the forum and join the GTA family. You will find it a most enjoyable place to hang out and to find any information you need about airguns.

If you have any technical questions about the CDT triggers or airguns in general, please visit and post your comments, questions or just share your airgun adventures.

With your continued support, the CDT line of triggers will remain the most economical and easiest improvement you can apply to any airgun they fit.

Thanks you for visiting my website and for the continued support.

Cathy Curtis


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